Year of delivery 2000

Owner Samherji HF (Islandia)


  • Propulsion

    Engine room is located aft with one main engine connected to reduction gearbox and CP propeller with propeller nozzle.
    One side thruster installed forward and one side thruster aft.
    Refrigerating machinery and RSW machinery forward below second deck and freezing equipment on first deck aft.
  • Hull

    All-welded steel construction with aluminium superstructure.
    The hull is built under the supervision of and according to Det Norske Veritas (DNV).
  • Ship and special equipment

    Maine engine, gearbox, shaft line with sealas,
    Propeller and propeller nozzle,
    Two auxiliary engines,
    Shaft generator,
    Switchboard and engine control console,
    Rudder and steering gear,
    Two side thrusters,
    All external doors, windows and portholes,
    Echo sounder, log, sonar and scanmar transducers,
    Exhaust boiler,
    Hydraulic tanks for winch system,
    Refrigerating machinery and RSW machinery,
    Crane columns.
    Part of a.m. equipment installed in the hull during building process at Northern Shipyard was delivered by the Buyers.

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